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We urge businesses in Islington to sign our petition – 2,000 signatures or more will guarantee a 15 minute debate at the next council meeting
(Petition closes: 7 September)

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Islington Council is reviewing the borough’s Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs). It has developed some proposals it hopes will improve parking in the borough, which would see charged parking extended to seven days a week, and up to 9pm, 11pm and even 24 hours a day in some areas of the borough.

View the proposals here

If the proposals are approved, they will be implemented in 2016, and if  there is no support for the proposed parking changes, the proposal may not go ahead. The board of Islington Chamber of Commerce is against the proposals, which it believes are totally unnecessary and will have a significant and detrimental impact on businesses in the borough – in particular those who rely on evening and Sunday trade.

As a non-profit organisation, Islington Chamber of Commerce’s primary objective is to protect and promote the interests of Islington’s businesses. We have been approached by and have spoken to businesses and business groups up and down the borough, representing the likes of shops, restaurants and Sunday traders – as well as other groups, such as places of worship or community groups fearing the loss of membership of older and disabled people, who rely on cars for transportation.

There is strong opposition to the proposals across the borough, and we have started a petition, asking for the proposals to be scrapped, to give Islington businesses a voice that is not currently being heard.


In the News

The Chamber’s position against these proposals has been gaining local and national news coverage:

A ‘People’s Parking Plan’ event at the Town Hall took place on 19 August, with the Chamber representing businesses views.

Hak Huseyin, Chair of Islington Chamber, said in an interview for The Sunday Times “The plans make no sense … It might increase revenue for the council but it could close down the shops, cafes and restaurants [that] rely on customers driving to them in the evenings and weekends.”

In an interview with Islington Tribune he said “It all points to a money-making idea for the council to mitigate the cutbacks but it’s not fair to attack businesses.” Danny Michelson, from Chamber member La Fromagerie, described the proposals as “absolutely bonkers”, warning that it will kill off businesses in some parts of the borough that rely on evening business.

What are the Proposed Changes to the CPZs?

The main change is the extension of parking controls into later in the day and into the evening in the following areas (click on the image at the top of the page to enlarge it):

  • Finsbury Square and Farringdon area
  • Angel Town Centre area
  • Whittington Hospital area
  • Matchday area
  • Archway Regeneration area

During the day, the pay and display restrictions will remain the same. However, a flat rate costing £2.40 will now cover periods after 6.30pm, until the restrictions in the zone end (9pm around the Emirates Stadium, 11pm in Angel and 24 hours per day in some areas of the borough).

Those living in the area will be able to apply online for free e-vouchers to enable visitors to park during the periods after 6.30pm – and the council will keep records of when you have guests along with their licence plate number.

Have your say:

As well as signing our petition, you can take part in the council’s own consultation to tell them waht you think – they want to hear from people who use these streets or may be impacted by any changes, including those who run a business, live, work, visit, or have an interest in the areas. Visit the council’s website to take part in the consultation survey for you area:

You can email if you need any any assistance. Please note, the consultation period ends on 7 September 2015

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