Help local children be more active, skilled and connected

062-SportInspired-Games (2)Would you like to support an inspiring and collaborative community-building programme in the borough? Charity SportInspired are working on a programme to be delivered in 2016 and developed in the years to follow, and would love to discuss with Chamber of Commerce members who are passionate about seeing a difference made in their communities.

Who are we?

SportInspired is a charity working towards a vision is of connected communities where people enjoy being active. We work with partners across the UK to develop skills, build connections and inspire activity.

We are working in Islington to build a strong collaboration of schools, businesses and sports clubs across the borough, helping local children be more active, skilled and connected. Over time this will support them being more ambitious and employable, helping regenerate even the most deprived areas of the borough.

We will start in the south of the borough, running an inspiring and celebratory launch festival on 16th March 2016 at Finsbury Leisure Centre, allowing us to make the most of the build up to the Rio Games.

Following this, we will be delivering exciting and collaborative Legacy programmes, devised to showcase local expertise and opportunities, building confidence and knowledge for people to make the most of them. As the programme develops across the borough, we will facilitate secondary schools and their students to organise the programme with their feeder primary schools, local clubs and businesses. As the excitement and experience of running the programmes grows, SportInspired becomes less involved, leaving the programmes in the hands of the community, making them entirely sustainable.

What we need

To maximise the success of the programme, we are seeking advice, support, and charitable donations to help make this programme possible and maximise its impact.

Advice and voluntary support

We will need volunteers to help on the day of the festival (and throughout the programme if time allows), mentoring and leading the children, scoring and helping with logistics. We guarantee an experience you will love, and a new and different means to get to know your local community.

Charitable donations

We are grateful for all offers of financial support. Below, we have outlined below are examples of ways in which contributions will be spent. We are happy to speak to people kindly offering donations, to help understand where their support will have most impact and report back on the difference made.

£100 Sports equipment for a local school or club
£200 Leadership training for secondary school students
£500 A new club set up in a school, running for 12 weeks
£1000 Transport, equipment and club fees covered for children most in need

For all contributions of £250 or over, we will feature you as a supporter on all communications, including:

  • Parents’ letters
  • Press releases
  • Social media
  • Medals and trophies
  • T-shirts
  • Briefing documents.

Please contact us to discuss specific sponsorship benefits and requirements.

A celebratory networking event will also be organised for all supporters, after the festival in March 2016.


Please contact Anna Springbett, Director, SportInspired, to discuss any aspect of the   07930 967475

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