What Will Make YOU Stand Out From The Crowd???

CrowdThese days competition for work is tough – including keeping clients and finding new ones. How do you ensure that you stay ahead of the game?

Have you ever thought about giving talks on your subject matter? Finding opportunities to speak are a good way to market yourself and your organisation. When you’re in a roomful of people sharing your knowledge and engaging with your audience, it could well lead to new clients or leads. Also, think outside the box – speaking to groups or companies in other industries may provide more scope for referrals.

Most people would say that they are too busy for this kind of investment of time. That is short sighted. It is about priorities. Everyone else is in the same boat. What better way to get a name for yourself and reach more prospects than being seen speaking?

Of course it’s an investment of time – it won’t be enough to take a one day presentation skills course where you learn to be more confident. You have to be able to put your content together in a way that demonstrates you understand the audience and their problems. Your prospects want you to explain the impact of the information you share upon their business.

Crafting material and delivering it in the most effective way takes skill that can be improved over time.

If you haven’t had much experience of speaking in front of groups, a great way to start is to join a speaking club such as Toastmasters or Pony Express for example. Being a member of one of these clubs provides you with a friendly audience and an opportunity to get constructive feedback, whilst honing your skills.

For inspiration watch some of the videos on TED – there are speakers from all walks of life sharing their message persuasively, even on topics we might initially assume to be boring! What will you do to set yourself apart – will speaking be your new skill?

This article was written by Jay Surti, author of Authentic Business Presenter


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