Why Eating At Your Desk Is Not A Good Idea…

Great opportunities turn up when we’re not ready for them and don’t seem to be there when you want them. Very inconvenient. But what if you could improve the odds and stack the deck in your favour?

You know the phrase “it’s not what you know but who you know”? There is a lot of truth in that. Building your network and actively plugging into it can lead to opportunities. Discard from your mind images of tedious networking events, where most people stand around in closed groups and collect business cards only to do nothing with them afterwards! Think more about meeting people for lunch and offering friendship and encouragement. Be prepared to give first.

How often do you “work through lunch”.  Honestly, how much real work do you get done?  You might use the time to catch-up with friends on social networking sites. Nothing wrong with that, however a face-to-face catch-up over lunch could help you build upon relationships and widen your network.

Connecting with people in this way will help you gain allies and provide a sounding board for your ideas. Reach out to someone in another department or organisation, seek out mentors – people that are a little ahead of you on the ladder. The more you cultivate your connections the more you will hear about opportunities for your career/business. Things very rarely just fall into our laps, we need to do something. Forming professional alliances will pay dividends in the long run. Let people get to know you better and make yourself available to them.

The next time you have your sandwich at your desk, think about how else you could use your time. Of course it’s tempting to sit at your desk, but think of it as a worthwhile investment in your career – building your network to share ideas, find out about new leads etc. You can’t progress alone – you need a strong network.

This article was written by Jay Surti, author of Authentic Business Presenter


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